Our 5-Step Approach

B2B marketing agency for high tech & startups that are ready to grow.

Discipline and focus

Simply put, our disciplined approach to marketing keeps you competitive. These five steps create agile programs that execute quickly and adapt easily to demands in the marketplace.

Step 1: Find your perfect prospects

First, we work with you to identify the best prospects for your business. Our job is to understand who they are, where they are and what keeps them up at night. Decision makers with the authority, budget and timeline to buy – plus key influencers who whisper in their ears.

Step 2: Get their attention

Once we find them, we attract their attention and introduce you. Tactics include leveraging network events; email and direct mail; tradeshows and conferences; webinars; and social media channels

Step 3: Nurture interested leads

Next, we woo your prospects as long as it takes to win them over. You’ll be able to send targeted messages that match their needs and commitment level, keeping them warm until they’re ready to buy.

Step 4: Engage new opportunities

Then the heavy lifting begins: creating custom sales support materials, conducting in-depth needs analysis, securing client references and collaborating with your executive team, as needed. Going above and beyond the call to help you drive revenue.

Step 5: Assess campaign effectiveness

Ah, the post-mortem analysis. One of the most important steps, yet often overlooked. We pinpoint and track the metrics that matter. Then we analyze every action and tweak it to deliver stronger ROI on the next go-round.

Setting your marketing budget

How much should you spend on marketing? It’s a question we get asked a lot. So we break down the numbers for you to help you gauge what’s right for your business.

What size startups does Trimble work with?
We help startups with revenues from $1 million to $25 million or more and at various levels of funding.

How much do startups that size spend?
Recent surveys show tech companies spend an average of 13% of gross revenues on marketing.

What’s the bottom line?
In our experience, a budget of 5-10% is just enough to maintain your current fighting weight. To see real growth, or get closer to acquisition, startups need to get more aggressive. We’re happy to work within your existing budget and adapt to your goals as we go.

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